Ready Room Museum

On board the USS Midway

Ready Room Museum

The VAW/VRC Foundation is able to fulfill its mission, including maintaining Ready-4 onboard the USS Midway, only through donations from generous people like yourself. Your donation to The Foundation is greatly appreciated. Your donation to the VAW/VRC Foundation is tax


ACCLWS (Airborne Command & Control and Logistics) Weapons School  Previously known as the Hawkeye Weapons and Tactics Units, Airborne Command Control Logistics Weapons School (ACCLWS) was established in 2013 as one command reporting to Airborne Command Control Logistics Wing (COMACCLOGWING).

Final Flight

To the brave men and women who have served their country; tireless in their devotion to the nation.  We salute you.


The east and west coast Hawkeye-Greyhound Balls were a great success! Without our sponsors, we would not have been able to have such wonderful events. Thank you for your contributions and support.

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