VAW-VRC Foundation inquiry to National Naval Aviation Museum about plans to display E-2 and C-2 Aircraft

To all, the VAW-VRC Foundation recently sent the following letter to the Director of the National Naval Aviation Museum, inquiring about plans to place E-2 and C-2 Aircraft in the Museum’s collection. We will keep everyone informed as the process continues. Here is the letter:

Captain Robert Rasmussen USN (Retired)
Director, National Naval Aviation Museum
1750 Radford Blvd., Suite C
Naval Air Station Pensacola, FL 32508

Dear Captain Rasmussen,

To introduce myself, I am Joe McNamara, a retired Naval Flight Officer and President of the VAW-VRC Foundation. The VAW-VRC Foundation is a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2005 with the mission to promote the VAW-VRC community as an integral part of Naval aviation and honor those that have flown, maintained and championed the VAW-VRC community over the years. To learn more about the VAW-VRC Foundation I invite you to go to our website:

The Foundation was responsible for building a Ready Room on the San Diego aircraft carrier museum, USS Midway, to honor our community. The Foundation also conducts community reunions (latest one Oct 2011 in San Diego), publishes newsletters, honors those that have made their last flight, and provides a central point for communication for community members. The Foundation currently has 142 members and was involved in placing an E-2 aircraft onboard Midway as part of their display aircraft portfolio.

The centennial of Naval aviation has passed and Naval aviation celebrated its rich heritage. The E-2 aircraft is now the longest serving carrier-based aircraft in the history of Naval aviation celebrating its 46th year.

The National Naval Aviation Museum is a great success story and all of those associated with Naval aviation – past and present – are inspired by the magnificent displays there. Since 1963 the Museum has showcased the history and accomplishments of Naval aviation, gathering and displaying over 150 aircraft and priceless memorabilia of our proud heritage.

The intent of this letter is to inquire about the plans the National Naval Aviation Museum has for displaying an E-2 and a C-2 aircraft.

The Foundation would also like to offer our help in obtaining an E-2 and a C-2 for display at the Museum to commemorate the contributions of the VAW-VRC community to Naval aviation and to ensure visitors have a chance to see the longest serving carrier-based aircraft in Naval aviation history.

Thank you for all your efforts in establishing the National Naval Aviation Museum as a tribute to Naval aviation and evolving it to one of the finest aircraft museums in the world.

The Foundation looks forward to hearing from you and engaging on bringing an E-2 and C-2 to the museum’s display.

Joe McNamara, President, VAW-VRC Foundation

VAW-VRC Foundation inquiry to National Naval Aviation Museum about plans to display E-2 and C-2 Aircraft