VAW-115 Visits the Ready Room 4

By CAPT Pence Parsons, USN (Ret), Tour Coordinator, Foundation Board Member 

Photographer USS Midway Docent David Harper

November 21, 2017

VAW-115 toured the USS Midway Museum on Friday, November 17, 2017. The skipper, Matt “Noodle” Ventimiglia, and XO, Chris “Mullett” Hulitt, helped coordinate this effort. After spending almost 44 years in Japan, the squadron is now in Point Mugu, California. The squadron had a ready room on the USS Midway for almost 22 years (1970-1992) in Alameda, California, and Japan.

Our tour included visiting the Ready Room 4, which was created by VAW/VRC Foundation, on the USS Midway Museum. The tour also involved getting into the E-2C on the flight deck, which is pretty special because the E-2C is not opened to guests during the USS Midway Museum’s normal business hours. Also exclusive to our tour were two special guests: Marylin and John Adams, the parents of LT John Adams. John was a VAW-115 NFO. During the Iraqi invasion in 2003, he was a British exchange officer, and was killed in action during the invasion.

While in the Ready Room 4, Joe McNamara, past president of the VAW/VRC Foundation, gave a superb presentation of how the VAW/VRC Foundation created and maintains the Ready Room 4. The Ready Room 4 was dedicated in the 2008 and continues to be maintained by the generous support of VAW/VRC Foundation donors. Also in tour attendance from the VAW/VRC Foundation was Dave Daugherty, Tom Whitehead and Mark Fellows, who all did their lion’s share of the work to help create the Ready Room 4.

We had several Hawkeye Docents from the USS Midway Museum to help with this tour as well: Ron Hartinger, Pat Madison, Bob MacDougall, John Plunkett (Plankowner of VAW-115), Frank Miley and Ken Denbow.

The tour was great fun to all involved. It was especially memorable to receive updates from the active duty “Liberty Bells.”

We invite you to visit the Ready Room 4 aboard the USS Midway Museum the next time you are in San Diego!

VAW 115 visit

VAW-115 Visits the Ready Room 4