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A Shipmate  is looking for information from the Vietnam war era.  Please leave a comment if you know anyone from the VAW-113 air crew that prevented further blue on blue attack in the Gulf of Tonkin.


  1. Bill Ridge says:

    VAW-113 Dec 67-Oct 70:
    Aboard USS Constellation May 68 to Jan 69 and Aug 69 to May 70. I also have the two cruise books.
    We played “games” to get a Mig kill! Didn’t happen until later cruises. I joined VAW-113 as they returned from their first cruise with the E-2A. What can I help you with?

  2. Geoffry Tollin says:

    VAW-113 Plank Owner. board Connie 67, 68, 69 and looking for other squadron shipmates. Don’t have any of the cruise books. Had comical experience post discharge. Unsuspectingly, one day after returning home in Coronado from work at my new civilian job, my room mate reported that SP had visited to haul me in for court martial because I had not shown up for inspection to receive Naval Achievement medal with Combat V. Curious about any one else’s entertaining tales.

  3. Bob (Bobeaux) says:

    Looking for someone to confirm my flights on “Greyhound”, COD from Coral Sea into Danang, Feb. 1965, May 1965, then into Danang, top off tanks and on to Subic on July 04, 1965 to await flight to CONUS for discharge. (best 4th. of July of my life!) Thanks in advance for your help, Bob Baker

  4. Johnny says:

    Hello, trying to ID a patch I believe related to VAW-113, round has horse/rider in blue w/E-2 over it all on round red/white striped background title E-2 Hawkeye , if you can verify ,and have photo please contact me , thank you !

  5. Johnny says:

    Hello, trying to ID a patch I believe related to VAW-113, round has horse/rider in blue,behind to right a watchtower, w/E-2 over all design, all on round red/white striped background title E-2 Hawkeye , if you can verify ,and have photo please contact me , thank you !

  6. Gary Gibbs says:

    Bill Ridge/Geoffry Tollin:

    I was a plank owner also, was in VAW-11 and then in VAW-113 from 67-68 and then got discharged.

    I don’t remember you guys…..what shop did you work out of? I was a AZ working out of Maint. Control, my boss was Tom Carsten AZ2, and Chief Lofton, with Lt. Benney as Maint. Officer.

    Funny story: World War II general Omar Bradley and his wife made a good will tour of the 7th Fleet. They were quite old at the time and everyone was treating them with kid gloves. The blackeagle aircrews had their wives and girlfriends send them bras with embroidered quotes/pictures etc on them. The bras were used for head rests on the seats in the ready room before and after flights. Along comes General and Mrs Bradley and she unexpectly wanders into the ready room and spots the chairs with the bra headrests. The skipper just about crapped figuring Mrs Bradley wouldn’t see the humor. She never said a word but looked them over closely. About a month later the squadron got a package from Mrs Bradley, inside was an a bra, with “Good Luck Black eagles Mrs. Omar Bradley” embroidered on it. Now there is a pretty cool lady for sure. If that would happen today I’ll bet there would be hell to pay.

    I live in Arlington Wa, give me a call or stop by, I’m in the book.

    Gary Gibbs

  7. Terry Ahlgren says:

    served with vaw113 from 68-71 aboard the connie and the enterprise in the ame shop. would be nice to hear from some of my old shipmates. hope your all doing well.

  8. John Eckstein says:

    Hi, I was the first skipper of VAW113 which was commissioned a week before deploying to Yankee Station. Four hours before leaving North Island our four E2A’s were hard down for lack of copilot VGI’s. Captain Yount, Wing Commander, took four of them out of RVAW120 a/c so we could depart with UP birds. We had no maintenance manuals at all! We picked up several crates of basic manuals and all their changes at Pearl and all of our stalwart crew pitched in to build an up to date set before we reached Subic Bay where we relieved Kitty Hawk.

    Regarding the original squadron Plaque: It was intended to reflect the saga of Paul Revere and his Early Warning Ride. Just about everybody felt that it lacked the zing we wanted our insignia to reflect. A squadron effort came up with the Black Eagle. We applied to Opnav for the call sign knowing we weren’t supposed to identify the call sign with the insignia but we got lucky, I guess. My wife polished up the Blackeagle design into a good shape for a stencil and the rest is history. There was also something about the lantern of Diogenes in there but at 83 I can’t remember what.

    The Omar Bradley story is true plus! I was flying when they came by the RR and was sorry to have missed them! Even Chaplain Rocky used to come by and nuzzle into our chairs! Our RR became a must for visitor tours!

    John Eckstein

  9. david fitch adj3 says:

    served with vaw 113 1968 to 1972 aboard the connie twice and once on the enterprise

  10. sam phillips says:

    terry Ive always wondered what happened to you and linda after bull island. are you still in illinois or what It would be great to hear from you.

  11. terry hargis says:

    made my first deployment with det delta on the connie and 2 west pacs after it came 113

  12. terry hargis says:

    i forgot to say,i have the cruise book from the last deployment as det delta,lcdr conboy was the skipper ,i was in the power plants branch as an adj. some of the others were kc kern ,ag stephens,adjc oliver ,w.e.paul,holt,mike authement,am`s laytart,root,fenner,cooprider,brundage,engh,alcorn,trull,habeck,ethington,hamilton

  13. Bill Ridge says:

    Hey guys, I would like to see some updates from you posted on this site! The Foundation is always looking for people and news about the VAW-VRC Community. Please!
    Bill Ridge Coronado VAW-113 & 88.

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