President’s Message – December 2017

Dear VAW/VRC Community Member –

As 2017 comes to an end we at the VAW/VRC Foundation are looking back on a year that has seen the Foundation greatly expand the depth and breadth of its support of the VAW/VRC Community and the organization mature in a number of ways. The highlights of our activities are as follows…

– We coordinated and hosted two very successful Hawkeye Greyhound Balls. Last year the Airborne Command and Control and Logistic Wing requested that the Foundation take over the balls so they could remain within the new and more stringent DoD ethics policies that require the active duty Navy to limit its association to such events. We have satisfied the Wing’s request and look forward a long relationship with the annual East and West Coast Hawkeye Greyhound Balls. There is a report on this year’s balls in later in this 1MC Announcements.

– The Foundation had a booth at this year’s Tailhook Association Convention. This booth gave us the opportunity to show the flag and introduce the Foundation to active duty and retired community
members in attendance. We are already planning to return to “Hook” next year. We are going to expand our presence at that convention by taking over the coordination and hosting of the VAW/VRC hospitality suite and are planning a VAW/VRC reunion breakfast on Saturday morning.

– We are in the process of totally revamping our website to bring it up to the quality and capabilities
expected of websites in today’s online environment. Kristin at Alchemy Digital Marketing has created a great website that will continue to evolve and become even better and more capable. There you will find our newly revised Foundation Mission and Vision Statements, a list of our board of directors and officers, the “Final Flight Memorial” for those we have lost and other informative postings. Please check out our new website and let us know what you think.

– The VAW/VRC Foundation now has a membership program. Annual and lifetime memberships are available. Go to our website to see the details and benefits of being a member…and join us.

– The Foundation has stepped up its direct support of the VAW/VRC squadrons. This year we supported VAW 123 and VAW 124 with their ceremonies celebrating the 50th anniversary of the establishment of their squadrons and hosted a VAW 115 tour of the museum ship USS Midway and the VAW/VRC ready room.

– We are in the initial stages of establishing a career transition training and mentoring program to assist active duty Community members as they depart the Navy and seek civilian employment. The plan is to provide onsite and remote presentations for individuals and groups.

– We have made continued improvements to our “1MC Announcements” newsletter to optimize getting information out to the Community. Including this edition, we have published six newsletters in 2017 with more to follow in 2018. The Foundation host active sites on Facebook and LinkedIn.

As you can see, we have stepped up our level of activities and have had a very busy year. And 2018 should prove to be equally demanding. We will start coordination of the Hawkeye Greyhound Balls in January and commence planning for the reunion breakfast and VAW/VRC hospitality suite at the Tailhook Convention soon afterward. The coming year will also see the Foundation working on other projects such improving our Community database, building a Community archive within the Ready Room 4 museum website and beginning the execution of the transition training and mentoring program mentioned above.

To maintain this level of support for the VAW/VRC Community and continue to grow we need support from you, the members of the Community, in the form of donations and volunteering your time. You can make donations through our website and contact me  ( if you desire to volunteer.

We, the officers and board of directors of the VAW/VRC Foundation, wish each of you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in 2018 at the Hawkeye Greyhound Balls and at Tailhook.

Randy Bannister
President, VAW/VRC Foundation, Inc.

President’s Message – December 2017