Mission: To promote VAW/VRC as an integral part of Naval Aviation. To promote community awareness and serve as a historical museum for all Command and Control and Early Warning as well as Carrier Onboard Delivery warfare specialties

Vision: To honor those that have flown, maintained and championed the VAW/VRC community. Our vision is that the USS Midway VAW/VRC Ready Room will represent all VAW/VRC personnel by honoring both those who have served and those currently serving. The USS Midway VAW/VRC Ready Room will stand as a motivational tool to excite future generations of Naval Aviators, specifically VAW/VRC maintainers, Naval Flight Officers, and Pilots, and will educate the general public concerning the long tradition of excellence and achievement of the VAW/VRC community.
In addition, the ready room will support Navy families by providing insight into squadron life during long separations at sea.