Hawkeye Greyhound Symposium Report

Attended by Randy Bannister

Overall: The Hawkeye Greyhound Association did a great job with the Symposium. This was the best symposium I have attended. I never heard an attendance number but it was fairly well attended by senior leadership, junior officers and industry representatives. Most of the squadrons currently on the flightline appeared were present.  VAW 120 was well represented with a large contingent of students. The program was solid and included representation from the Commodore up to Fleet Forces Command. 

Click here for summary of remarks by the disguished Speakers:


Commodore Caceres –  CACCLOGWING
CAPT Keith Hash – PMA 231
Jane Bishop – VP E-2 Program Northrop Grumman
COL Matt Kelly – V-22 Joint Program Officer
Detailers – BuPers
ADM Davidson – Fleet Forces Command 
Leadership & Work/Life Balance Panel – Women’s Conference Agenda Item
VADM Shelanski – Navy Inspector General & Senior Active E-2/C-2 officer
VADM Shelanski, Senior Active E-2/C-2 Office (also the Navy Inspector General)
–     Do all assigned jobs well…no matter how trivial
–     Be flexible…take things as they come along, careers are unpredictable
–     Have courage…physical and moral/ethical
–     Be persistent
–     Be humble
Hawkeye Greyhound Symposium Report