CDR Dave “Sobby” Burmeister is new CO of the ACCLOGWING Weapons School

CDR Dave “Sobby” Burmeister is now the first screened CO of the ACCLOGWING Weapons School. As noted by CAPR Todd “Cowpie” Watkins, Commodore of ACCLOGWING, “I consider moving from an adhoc Weapons and Tactics Unit to to a Weapons School with a ‘screened’ Commanding Officer to be a significant milestone in our community as a result of years of hard work by a long list of leaders in our community.” The ACCLONGWING Weapons School is a community weapons school focused specifically on the employment of the E-2 weapons system and tactics development. It is different from the Carrier Airborne Early Warning Weapons School at NSAWC at NAS Fallon, which focuses more on the employment of the E-2 in the Carrier Air Wing, Carrier Strike Group and Joint Forces operations. Congratulations, Sobby!