CAPT Mark D. Henderson, USN (Retired) (1996)

Mark Dale Henderson was born in Joplin, Missouri  in 1934.   After graduating from the University of Missouri,  he was selected for Officer Candidate School in Newport, RI and started his 28 year Naval career.

He reported as an Ensign to ship’s company in USS Hornet CVA-12 in 1958 and later went on to NFO school, earning  his wings in 1963.  He served in various billets in the VAW community, eventually rising to become the first NFO to have the bonus command of VAW-11 in 1973.  He later served on the COMNAVAIRPAC and Washington staff,  as well as other key positions.

Mark retired in 1980 and lived in Coronado until 1991; then moved to Asheville, NC  where he lived until his untimely death from cancer in 1996.  He left behind wife Barbara (Hicks), now residing in Florida.

Mark was a great guy, super Naval Officer of the ‘old school’,  whose call sign was “The Duke” (his junior officers pinned that handle on him in ’66).   He was a loyal friend to all who knew him, and he is still missed by all at every gathering of the old team.