Mr. Tom Whitehead

Chief Engineer — Mr. Tom Whitehead

After returning to New York in 1973 from the South China Sea Surface Fleet I joined Grumman Aerospace Corp and immediately found a home working on the E-2C Hawkeye Radar Development Program. B.I.S. Trials commenced at Patuxent River MD on production aircraft #’s 1, 2 and 3. The Tiger team was established to groom the first “C” deployment aircraft with the “Screw tops” aboard the USS Saratoga as well as subsequent deployments. Follow-up testing placed us in the Anechoic Chamber at Calverton conducting source/victim EMI testing for another year. Twenty years was spent traveling the globe with the Hawkeye/Greyhound Team, primarily offering Engineering Liaison support at Patuxent and the Fleet Introduction team. Between road trips for troubleshooting Radars or training of the tech reps I was able to attend a course of study at NYIT in Engineering Technology.

In 1992 Tom, Ella, Tommy, and Jen relocated to Poway CA. leaving Flight Test Bethpage to support the NADEP E-2C Engineering Group at North Island. Prime effort was to assemble the Avionics operational performance specifications for the Group II aircraft. Five years later I relieved the retiring Grumman Project Manager at Miramar. I was there to assist the community relocation to Pt. Mugu for the following four years. Back to San Diego as Project Site Manager I enjoy interfacing more closely with VRC-30 and the Marines at Miramar.

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