CDR Mark Fellows, USN (Ret)

Treasurer — CDR Mark Fellows, USN (Ret)

CDR Mark Fellows joined Navy following graduation from college in the summer of 1969 and received his Naval Aviator wings 26 March 1971. Following RAG training in San Diego, California he joined VAW 111 Detachment Two for two Vietnam cruises aboard the USS Hancock flying the E1-B. He subsequently was ordered to VT 31 for multiengine instructor duty in Corpus Christi, Texas. He returned to San Diego for E2-B/E2-C tours with VAW 117 aboard the USS Ranger, RVAW 110 flying as a RAG instructor, VAW 112 aboard the USS Ranger as Operations Officer and his XO/CO tour with VAW 117 aboard the USS Enterprise. Markʼs final tour was with COMCARGRU ONE aboard the USS Constellation and USS Independence as AAW Officer. He retired from the Navy in March 1990 with 6500 flight hours and 600 carrier landings.

Mark joined American Airlines in March 1990 as a commercial airline pilot where he flew the DC-10, MD-80 and 757/767 aircraft. He retired from the airlines in August 2006.

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