CAPT Pence Parsons, USN (Ret)

CAPT Pence Parsons, USN (Ret)

Captain Parsons flew with three VAW squadrons: VAW-111 (Sea Bats) in the E-1B, cruising on the USS Ranger and USS Oriskany to Yankee and Dixie Stations in the Tonkin Gulf; VAW-115 (Liberty Bells) in the E-2B off the USS Midway; and VAW-114 where he was the Commanding Officer of the “World Famous Hormel Hawgs”, flying the E-2C off the USS Carl Vinson.

Captain Parsons attended the Naval War College and the Naval Postgraduate School where he graduated with a M.S. in Electrical Engineering. Operational tours included Combat Information Center Officer on the USS Nimitz, Combat Direction Center Officer and Operations Officer on the USS Constellation, and VAW Operations Officer at Commander Airborne Early Warning/Fighter Wing U.S. Pacific Fleet, COMAEWFITWINGPAC, based at Naval Air Station Miramar.

Captain Parsons’ last tour of duty was as Commanding Officer of the Navy Center for Tactical Systems Interoperability (NCTSI) in San Diego. NCTSI executes Navy policy and certifies interoperability capability of U.S. Navy tactical data links and C4ISR systems used in the fleet and in Joint or Allied operations.

Upon retiring, Captain Parsons joined Computer Systems Center Incorporated, a small defense contracting firm supporting the Navy, where he worked for ten years with Captain Dannie Allen.

Captain Parsons is now a civilian employee at SPAWAR Systems Center San Diego as a systems engineer. From his current office he looks out at San Diego Harbor and the USS Midway – a great view!

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