ADCS Richard ‘Willie’ Williams (Ret)

Restoration Engineer — ADCS Richard ‘Willie’ Williams (Ret)

After joining the Navy in Jan. 1971, reported to NTC San Diego for recruit training. Upon completion of training reported to NTTC Memphis for ADR “A” school training. First assignment was with the World Famous Golden Dragons (VA-192) stationed at NAS Lemoore. Upon transfer from VA-192, I reported to RVAW-110 for E2B training. Upon completion of training reported to VAW-114 (Hormel Hawgs) this started my 20 year career in the VAW Community. Commands assigned to for the next 20 years were RVAW-110 Framp Instructor (2 tours) / VAW-112 / COMFITAEW WINGPAC, E-2 Power Plants Advisor/ E2C FIT Team / VAW-110 Maintenance Control. Rich retired from the Navy in Jan. 1991.

After retiring, I joined the Allison Engine Company as the T56-A-427 Power Plants OEM Representative.

I have donated many hours to the restoration of the E-2 Aircraft onboard Midway and am still active in the restoration and locating of need parts for Midway Displays.

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